Refugee Blues

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Nervous Twitch - 19th July 2019
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Lunar Sounds - 7th July 2019
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Hot Snack - 7th July 2019
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Taffy - 7th July 2019
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Treeboy & Arc - 13th June 2019
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L.D. Moses - 13th June 2019
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Do Nothing - 13th June 2019
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Images in the galleries above are free for social media use. You can download the full set of images in one zip file above.

Non-watermarked images are also available free for social media or similar use, just drop me a line at the email address below if you're with the band / publicity / management or the venue. Images can also be licensed for direct commercial use on request. 

Galleries should be up within a couple of days of a gig. They are archived regularly to the bottom of this page  so check there if you can't find what you're looking for in the Recent Galleries section.

If you want me to cover a gig for your band or venue, especially in West Yorkshire, just drop me a line.   |   portfolio 
Archived Galleries
Dense - 26th May 2019
Download Gallery (8.16Mb), right click and save)

Fat Spatula - 26th May 2019
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The Black Lagoons - 26th May 2019
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Imi - 25th May 2019
Download Gallery (3.62Mb), right click and save)

Yowl - 25th May 2019
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Ice Baths - 25th May 2019
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Pregoblin - 25th May 2019
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Nov y Mir - 25th May 2019
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Great Dad - 25th May 2019
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Nice Biscuit - 7th May 2019 
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Jellyskin - 7th May 2019 
Download Gallery (3.83Mb, Right click & save)

Dense - 7th May 2019 
Download Gallery (5.73Mb, Right click & save)

L.D. Moses - 25th April 2019 
Download Gallery (7.8Mb, Right click & save)

Roxy Girls - 25th April 2019
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